Terms & Conditions

Twenty-four hours notice/day before by telephone or email must be given in order to cancel an appointment due to sickness or any other commitment on your part. Failure to give this notice will result in you being charged for the missed appointment at the full lesson rate.

All tuition must be paid for on arrival at the academy unless pre-payment has already been made.

All lesson payments have to be made at our upstairs reception. Failure to do this will result in the lesson not starting on time. If a student decides not to go ahead with their lesson appointment due to not having their payment at the start of their lesson, it will be charged for as if it were a late cancellation.

We accept payment for our teaching service in cash at each lesson or by cheque or card in blocks of 4 lessons.

Receipts can be given if requested for blocks of 4 payments in advance. The receipt will be in the form of a photocopy of the students i-card issued in our reception.

The academy does not facilitate direct debit or standing order payments at this present time.

If a payment by cheque for tuition fails to clear, we will re-present the cheque at our bank and inform you of the situation. Lessons will not continue until the matter of the cheque payment has been settled in full. We reserve the right to stop lessons being paid for by cheque if we have difficulty clearing cheque payments. If this situation should arise, payment for lessons will only be accepted in cash for future tuition.

To cancel any future lessons in person, please inform someone at the pay desk in the reception on arrival.

We do not reply to a pupil/parent on the received notification by email/telephone for cancelled appointments. Notification by a pupil of a late attendance to their booked lesson is not notification of a cancellation.

Should the pupil not attend the lesson it will be charged as a late cancellation.

Please arrive at the academy approximately 5 minutes before your lesson period. Pupils are not allowed to enter the classroom until a teacher is present and the pupil has their i-card. The doors to the teaching rooms are closed for safety reasons while tuition takes place but can be opened easily from the inside by a pupil or tutor should it be necessary.

If your teacher is not teaching on the day of your lesson appointment, another academy tutor may be available to stand in so as not to disrupt your lessons. You are expected to keep your appointment as normal.

Class lessons are given in respect of age and ability where possible. These lessons are structured for children up to 17yrs of age and for adults 18yrs and over. We do not mix adults and children in any of our classes.

We strongly advise for safety reasons that a parent or guardian should bring and collect a pupil from inside our reception areas if under the age of 16yrs.

Our staff will not be held responsible for pupils left unattended in our reception areas. Duty of care for a pupil while having lessons at the academy is left on our part during a booked lesson period only. We will not be held responsible for the welfare or safety of children if they are left unattended at any time outside of the academy before the start of a lesson or after the lesson has finished. Our staff will of course use due diligence wherever possible.

Our term periods are: (January to April – May to August – September to December) Each pupil is given an allowance for cancelled appointments without charge. This is for holidays or general cancellation reasons. Details of cancellation allowances can be found in our Reception.

The Academy can at any time postpone an appointment. If this should happen, an alternative lesson date may be offered to you depending on availability of free periods during that week.

Teaching schedules do not allow for any delayed starting of lessons, so any late arrivals will miss time off the lesson period. If a lesson appointment is becoming difficult to attend, please see your tutor and they will see if other arrangements can be made to make it easier for you.